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Portable FootFidget® Footrest

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Our Patented Standing Desk Conversion Kit and
FootFidget® Foot Rest Series
Are The Solution!

The Standing Desk Conversion Kit and The FootFidget® Foot Rest provide the missing options needed for a diverse student population. A varied choice of seating positions for students can help set them up for success in the classroom! Our products provide:
  • Ergonomically correct posture
  • Optimal seating and positioning for comfort
  • Improvement in attention and focus
  • Comfortable sitting or standing
  • Expel excess energy
  • Improved circulation to promote improved brain function
  • Improve concentration and memory
  • Provide core and postural activation
  • Increased caloric output
Set your students up for success
by offering them the seating
choice that bests suits them.
Can't Learn Like This
"I Can't Learn Like This"
Now I can Learn
"Now I am Ready to Learn"

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Current research at the University of Puget Sound found that the FootFidget®, in combination with the Standing Desk Conversion Kit, significantly improved the attention in a group of 4th grade students. Researcher Sarah Lewis, OTR/L, states that “this indicates that the Standing Desk Conversion Kit with FootFidget® Footrest is a potential environmental adaptation to improve academic performance.”



“As an Occupational Therapist working in schools, I know that the benefits of standing and fidgeting in the classroom are significant.  Benefits include enhanced mental focus, improved posture, increased energy and caloric output, as well as improvements in handwriting and attention as a partial list.”  Kathy - School based occupational therapist.