Student Seating Needs Can
Be as Different as Their Learning Styles

"I can't learn like this!"
Everyone knows that attention, focus and physical comfort are important for a student to be successful at school, and even more so for children who have special needs. Working as physical and occupational therapists in a school district, we have serviced classrooms with diverse student populations whose seating needs are as different as their learning styles.
Our experience has shown that when the student is in an ergonomically correct position, the student's performance will improve in the classroom.
That's why we developed the Standing Desk Conversion Kit and The FootFidget® Foot Rest Series!


Convert your Standard Desk to a
Standing Desk with Our Conversion Kit!

The Standing Desk Conversion Kit (patent pending) will change your standard desk into a Standing Desk and installs fast and easy! The Standing Desk provides opportunities for the student who can't sit still, or the student who seems to 'melt' in their chair – neither are properly positioned to learn. It also has the potential to have a positive impact on childhood obesity, which is a nationwide concern.

The FootFidget® Foot Rest Series
Provides Positive Results

The Original FootFidget
® Foot Rest is a revolutionary concept that provides the same energy releasing, focus attaining results with proprioceptive input that therapists have gained by using hand fidgets for years. It provides these same positive results but leaves hands free for classroom work.

The FootFidget comes in two styles – Attachable and Portable.  The Attachable FootFidget is included in the Standing Desk Conversion Kit but can also be purchased separately and attached to a standard classroom desk to be used in sitting.  The Portable FootFidget is freestanding and can be moved throughout the school or home environment – wherever your student may need it.

Installs in 3 easy steps

Our products fit most standard classroom desks with 4 tubular legs.. To install the Standing Desk Conversion Kit with The FootFidget®Foot Rest, simply remove your desk's old legs, slide the new Standing Desk legs on and attach The FootFidget® Foot Rest with the hardware attachments provided. It's that easy!

Foot Fidget
The Attachable FootFidget® Foot Rest can be used with your existing desk or with the Standing Desk Conversion Kit.
The Portable FootFidget can be used anywhere - at school or home!
Desk and Foot Fidget
Converting a classroom desk to a Standing Desk is as easy
as 1-2-3!
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Set your students up for success by offering them the seating choice that best suits them.
"Now I'm Ready to learn!"